The OM FUND is an impact venture fund that invests in innovative conscious startups that improve people’s lives and help restore the environment.


Mission-Driven Diverse Entrepreneurs


We invest in diverse entrepreneurs with conscious businesses that:


Invent novel solutions to pressing global issues.

Understand the importance of diverse leadership teams.

Generate profits and impactful returns.

Lead with a philanthropist heart and business mindset.

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We invest in climate technology companies that provide solutions for a healthier Earth and a reversal of climate change. 


        Ethical energy 


        Sustainable farming 


        Clean transportation 


        Recycling innovation


We invest in education technology companies that increase the education and job opportunities for the disadvantaged. An educated global population is more innovative in solving the world’s problems.








We invest in technology companies that improve health and well-being. A healthy population preserves valuable resources for families and communities and fosters more joy, peace and love in the world. We focus on:


        Wellbeing enhancement 


        Elevation of consciousness 


        Alternative medicine 

        Health promoting technologies

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We invest in financial technology companies that assist the underserved with education and personal finance tools for saving, investing, building credit and provide small business support in innovative ways.


         Financial education


         Saving/Investing financial tools 


         Credit repair and student loans 


         Small business capital


The OM Fund Founders Shirin Hedayat and Tiffany Joy Basse are passionate about supporting early-stage entrepreneurs who are mission-driven to improve the world through innovative approaches. Combined they bring a diversity of experience:


        40 years of finance and wealth management


        35 years of entrepreneurship in the San Francisco Bay Area


        20 years of advising technology companies 


        20 years of screening startups and angel investing